Red Letter Dessein

Red Letter Dessein (pronounced Design) was created in 2007 after a guest at my wedding said to me. . . "You should really think of starting your own business". . . and that's exactly what I did. RLD provides me the creative outlet I need everyday and the opportunity to meet wonderful people like you.

Naming my business was the easy part. A Red Letter Day dates back to the 1500's when we used this expression to recognize a memorable or noteworthy occasion. For decades, calendars have been marked with a large red X! Rooted in the elegance of hand-letter writing and the discovery of life's simple beauty, Red Letter Dessein is where past and present meet to create something extraordinary. For me, it's where true style begins. A day or event impossible to forget, embodies the feel of each unique invitation, announcement or marketing piece.

I hope that you begin each day as inspired as I have been by my wonderful husband, beautiful daughter, family and friends, and hope that Red Letter Dessein can help to express your personal style for years to come.

Here's to a colorful future!
Erika Brower